Ask Meong Anything (AMA), TODAY. At Hotbit Global Channel

yessss, what is your question sirrrrr ?

Dear Meong Fams,

Please, join us in today’s AMA at Hotbit English telegram group.

Join and you can Ask Meong Anything.

Whatever is in your mind about MEONG and the team, just spill it out! Ask more, know us more, and know the community more. We are sending out 280 million MeongToken as reward for asking !

In Indonesia, we have a proverb : “if u don’t know then u won’t love”

So, let’s us get to know each other more, throw away all the doubts and let’s us rules the galaxy together.

P.S. event if MEONG haven’t known you yet, but we already love you for being here. Miaw >.<



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