English Auction in MeongToken ?

Meong Token
1 min readMay 31, 2021

Ready to bid ?

opening price : 10 $MEONG

Here is a picture our lovely baby Meong, surrounded by pile of gold coins, proudly designed by our super talented MeongArtist.

Cat itself is already a sign of prosperity, imagine what a cat + gold means ? Prosperity and Wealth for several generations !

Our opening price for this is 10 $MEONG , bidding price will apply in the multiply of 5$MEONG. 15.. 20.. 25..50.. etc

The highest bidder will give a new home for this lovely BabyMeong :)

This is the example of English Auction, where we open low and go high. In this way of auction, all the bidders know the highest bid. Bidders can bid multiple times until there is only one bidder left with highest price as the transaction price of the art piece.

This type of auction is very suitable for arts with property rights, cultural and also rare arts. As the art will give high value for research, ornamental, and collection.



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