$MEONG at Miami for Bitcoin Event

Meong Token
1 min readJun 7, 2021


i ❤ sand

Hi #MeongFamily, how are you ?

Sorry for the late update…

Currently the team are chilling in Miami Beach, wish you can join us here.

After a long hectic week of looking for a better planet for us, It’s time to relax a bit at Miami Beach. I ❤ sands. It is so nice and warm here, meeting the real people from Bitcoin.

How was your weekend fams ?

Here in Miami at Bitcoin Event, $MEONG heard lots of people in cafe and in saloon, shouting….

“ADA holder free haircut”

“XRP holder, claim free drinks here”

and etc etc….

Next, it will be “$MEONG holder, free to join rocket to Mars”

you ready fams ? ❤❤❤

I’m so much ready…..

Wish we can make it come to real soon, thank you for always supporting us, you are the very best and $MEONG is so thankful to have you by meong’s side.

x o x o,

meong team :*



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