MeongToken, Indonesia’s first NFT token to be listed in Hotbit

Meong Token
2 min readAug 7, 2021


Symbol : MEONG

Press Release.

On 5th August 2021, 5.34 pm WIB, Bogged Finance recorded MEONG marketcap = USD 35.18M.

This information can be accessed in :

According to the history of MEONG token itself, it has decrease to almost 13.600% or 13.6 times from the starting price in its presale.

meong’s price recap

MEONG’s price and market growth are interesting and exciting things for MEONG’s coin holders.

MEONG TOKEN is a MemeToken focuses in Social Movement.

Meong has 3 pillars in its development:


Meong uses Binance Smart Chain (BSC20) as its core blockchain.

Meong Token is a community owned project. MEONG runs mainly from volunteers and donations from the community. In motion:
- Social. Currently MEONG has collaborated with the NGO HARI for forest conservation and Mountrash for waste collection which can be converted into money.
- Art, MEONG makes NFT market, e-commerce merchandise, and games.
- Wealth, MEONG develops the world of DeFi, such as: Wallet, Swap, Staking, Saving, and Farming.

Built to make a social impact on the environment, MEONG’s growth depends not only on the developer, but also on the community. MEONG proposes a new way to build wealth while still paying attention to social and environmental concerns.

At this time, Hotbit exchange has announced on its official website that they will be listing MEONG on Hotbit on August 9, 2021.

hotbit’s announcement

This announcement can be seen at:

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Meong Token

MeongToken — the next big meme token (exclusively run by the community)