Opening Ceremony MEONG Android Game Contest

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2 min readSep 29, 2021


Participants, TnC, Winner Ratings…

Game Contest Participants

Dear Meong Family,

We are proud to announce that MEONG Game Contest Phase #1 officially start today.

Thank you for 17 participants that has joined this event:

  1. Arcadesindo
  2. Agape Games
  3. Nexvel Entertainment
  4. Daneka Media Creation
  5. Leolit Games
  6. Blureo
  7. 4Devalter
  8. Erwinar Dev.
  9. Sri.Art Games
  10. ARFA Media
  11. 201Games
  12. AG Dev
  13. Diggie Studio
  14. Boba 4Life
  15. INDIGA
  16. AI|I Dev
  17. Eternal Dream

Thank for joining us and GOOD LUCK !

Games TnC:

  1. The main character is a cat and is not copyrighted by other parties.
  2. Types of free game categories, not limited to Action, Adventure, Card, Educational, Puzzle, Racing or Words.
  3. The game is based on Android and will be uploaded to Playstore during the competition period. Language can be bilingual, Indonesian and English)
  4. Has an item purchase feature to make it easier to win the game
  5. Has the feature of collecting gems (gems using $MEONGtoken logo) throughout the game or at the end of the game


a. Registration: 6–30 September 2021
b. Contest Period: 1 Oct — 30 Dec 2021
c. Game presentation on 1–3 Dec 2021
d. Announcement of Contest Winners on 5 December 2021

Winner Ratings:

  1. Playstore popularity (Weight 35%)
  2. Idea and plot of the game (Weight 35%)
  3. Graphic Design (30% Weight)

Contest Prize:

1st Place: USDT 2100 (equivalent to 20 million rupiah) & 10 million rupiah in Meong Token
2nd Place: USDT 1400 (equivalent to 15 million rupiah) & 5 million rupiah in Meong Token
3rd Place: USDT 700 (equivalent to 10 million rupiah) & 2 million rupiah in Meong Token


The winner of this contest will get the prizes above, the copyright and the game source code remain the property of the contest participants with a note adding the support by Meong Token logo for at least 3 years in the playstore. Winners 1,2 and 3 will be judges in the next competition.



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