Meza Escape, Meong First Game Launch at Playstore

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2 min readNov 11, 2021


Download it now and let’s play together!

Meza Escape at Playstore

Dear Meong Fams,

Cheers for $MEONG First Launch game, Meza Escape by Games Agape. Yeay !

The game concept is puzzle, a simple game that is addictively annoying, which challenge you to think of the way to escape from the dark and haunted maze.

Meza Escape supported By Meong Token

This game is one of the game that come from our game contest event. This game contest in a part of Meong’s contribution to Indonesia’s game developers. We wish that our collaboration with game developers can be the trigger to the birth of Indonesia’s blockchain game worldwide.

Kudos to Agape Games to be the first game to launch!

single and multi player

In this game, first we can choose Single or Multi Player. In the first version, there is only Single Player. Multi Player will come soon when we reach 5000 downloaders.

story or squid?

In Single Player, we can choose the story mode or the famous squid game mode.


In story mode, you need to finish the puzzle to win. The game will be harder after each level.

in game items

You can also purchase in game items and dress your MEONG as you like.

So, what are you waiting for, let’s download and conquer Meza Escape together!



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